What is retro on retros?

This event is part of the Agile Alliance Principle 12 initiative to promote purposeful retrospectives.

It’s a free remote session for anyone – regardless of title and experience – that participated in retrospectives or want to learn about it.

It’s a time to stop and reflect on how we tune and adjust our retrospectives.

I usually scribe during the session, here’s an example:

You can see the hi resolution on TIRF twitter account.

Why are you doing this?

  • To give us time to stop and reflect on how we reflect in our retrospectives

Who is coming? Who are you?

  • This event is for all retrospective participants regardless of role or facilitation experience
  • It’s organized by volunteers
  • I am Enrico Teotti, a facilitator and agile coach. Find out more about my experience here

What will we do?

  • We will reflect by comparing ideas–like retrospective designs and stories–with other peers
  • We will generate group insights


  • Expect heavily remote interactions
  • The structure will vary depending on group size and will be shared on the day. Usually we go lean coffee, if more then a handful of people we’ll break out.