In this episode I have 4 guests: Veit Richter, Malte Sussdorff, Aino Corry, George Dinwiddie. I was with them and about 20 other folks in Massachusetts for a 5 days open space conference.

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The retrospective facilitators gathering is a yearly open space conference–started in 2002–where we discuss retrospective facilitation techniques and everything that connects to it.

Started in 2002 from a Norm Kerth idea

Why would you spend one week on a conference dedicated to retrospective facilitation? I attended this year’s (2019) and in this episode I chat with 4 others attendees and we will tell you what we got out of it.

Andy–another participant of RFG 2019 who’s not on the show–wrote a detailed blog post of his experience


Veit Richter, Malte Sussdorff, Aino Corry, George Dinwiddie

Veit Richter


Malte Sussdorff

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