In this short five minutes reflection I will tell you a little bit about the upcoming world retrospective day 2020.

So world retrospective day is an event to spread the word about the benefits of retrospectives.

It’s a worldwide event. And it’s self organized event. If you head to you will find on the homepage, a link to the list of events for 2020. And in that list, you can find events that are located in in a city or online.

The one that I’m promoting is actually going to be online on the Pacific West Coast UTC minus eight. And you can find out more about that if you had to

All the events are meant to, again, promote retrospectives. And you can find more details on the on the homepage of

I can tell you a little bit about the the events that I participated at during the last year. They are again, self organized, they can be a mix of people with different experiences. So if you feel like you’re you’re a newbie, and you don’t know much about retrospectives, they shouldn’t stop you from creating an event. By hosting an event, you might attract someone that is more experienced to share some of some of their stories with you. You can also do an online event like I’m doing. I live in Los Angeles and usually the commutes here are pretty bad. So I decided to now switch to an online event last year was a physical event. It didn’t go super well. I probably didn’t promote it very well either :D

So feel free to set up events if you don’t see one close to you. There’s also the whole coronavirus matter hitting us right now in the US around the world. So being conscious about avoiding avoiding group meetings is another reason to switch to online. So maybe you’re not familiar with online. So this would be like a good experience to set the event. Now, what would you do in a world retrospective Day event? I can tell you again, the the event that I organized is divided in an hour and a half of interactive activities and half an hour with a little bit of information sharing. So the first half an hour there’s going to be a what is a retrospective, what’s the purpose of it, kind of like the basics if you will, and then for an hour and a half, we’re gonna run depending on how many people show up. My current design for this for this session is to have a kind of like a lean coffee style, where we have people sharing anecdotes, or little stories that they want to get feedback or have questions about in terms of retrospectives. The group will run a poll, decide what is the most interesting, interesting topic or interesting topics. And then we’re gonna open up for an open conversation.

And again, really, depending on the size of the group, we might do breakouts, if there is more than a handful of participants. So this might be a fun way for you to kind of like expose your expose yourself and attract again, people that maybe have more experience or maybe feel that less experience so you can share your stories with with them and give back something to the to the community. All those events are obviously free and volunteer basis, as far as I know, at least the ones that I’ve seen and again, the spirit is to share good retrospectives.

So again, if you’re interested, head off to http::// and find an event near you. And if there isn’t one, just create one and contribute back to this community, to the growth and understanding of what retrospectives are.

Well, thank you for listening to this episode. So this is like a new season. I’m gonna start publishing a bit more episodes coming up.

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