Gerardo has been a facilitator since 2004, now a board member of IAF he will tell us about his journey, different styles of facilitation, tips about affinity mapping and the upcoming mentoring program that IAF is starting.

About the guest

Gerardo de Luzenberger

Short bio

Gerardo is a passionate and pragmatic facilitator and trainer. He has a dynamic personality, a great sense of humour and the warmth of real humanity. He combines the capacity to investigate innovative solutions with the ability to imagine and realise successful business ideas and promote new projects.

After a degree in economics and a MBA, his professional career started as innovation project manager in a large no profit cultural organisation. Dealing with complex projects he discovered the importance of participatory project management and started to explore the world of facilitation and, of course, the Agile approach to project management.

Gerardo is a IAF – International Association of Facilitators CPF - Certified Professional Facilitator, and has got a certification on Agile Foundations from the Agile Consortium. He is an assessor in the IAF CPF certification program and supports Agile transformations by training Agilists on facilitation. He works as a consultant and change facilitator for many different organisations, supporting their efforts in an Agile perspective.